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Focusing on Your Team with Recognition, Motivation and Education 

Monthly Unit Newsletters

Your monthly Newsletter is a great tool to help consultants feel part of the TEAM!

Each Newsletter is customized to your specifications, professional look and can range from 8-28 pages. We will include consultant pictures, making it the "consultants' newsletter." If you send in your extra recognition, pictures and customized information by the 5th, it should be done by the 12th of the month.

​We will gather the information from MKIntouch, but if you are wanting recognition for High Sales, Queen of Sharing Appointments, items that we cannot gather from intouch, please do your best to send all of your information in 1 email.  Emailing information at once helps the designer complete your newsletter quickly.


Each Newsletter includes:

  • Director Picture and Goals

  • Recognition of Achievements - You can choose achievements, but we ask that is stays consistent each month **

  • Company Monthly Contests Winners **

  • Star Achievers **

  • On-Target Stars

  • New Consultants

  • National Court Updates ** (top 3)

  • Investing Consultants

  • On-Target Company Consistency Challenge

  • Moving up the Career Path 

  • Love Checks from Mary Kay

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries

  • PCP Participants

  • Event Participants

  • Company and Unit Promotions

  • Booking and Selling Ideas

** includes consultant picture

​When we set up your initial Newsletter, that is when you would need to let us know if you want us to recognize any special achievements that are not listed above. We want your newsletter to reflect YOU so we want to design how you would like, but we just ask that it stays consistent each month with the same category of recognition.   If it needs to change yearly, there may be a fee if we have to rearrange things, if no rearranging needs to be made then there would be no extra fee.

If you are wanting extra flyers placed in your Newsletter, we request that you send them to us, save you money and us time. If we have to go find it, then there will be a minimum $3 fee (depending how long it takes us).

Seminar Year End recognition is considered as an extra, and we are happy to provide it for you, upon your request.  You will receive information in MAY in regards to this.

​If you desire for additional recognition or pictures to be added monthly, there will be an extra fee added, $20 per hour each month. We strive to get everyone's newsletters to them quickly and when extra is being asked, it cuts into our time and costs.  


Some examples of extra fees are:

Weekly Accomplishment Sheet Stats

Car Production

Picture of New Consultants

Consultant Pictures for Career Path

Custom Typing

Year End Seminar Recognition (we will provide samples)

Other Recognition that we have to retrieve
(that is not listed above)


$20 One Time Set-up Fee  



$37 - Success Design

$47 - Queen Design

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