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Having your own Unit Website is an important component to the SUCCESS of your business.  It gives you the professional entrepreneur look that captures YOU, and it is an effective and efficient tool. Your site provides specific training you want to teach your consultants along with up to date promotions, news and a top-notch Educational Center.  And best of all, you can celebrate your unit's Achievements and Victories!

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$25/ month and $60 Set Up

$40/ month and $80 Set Up

$60/ month and $100 Set Up

When requesting files to upload for New Site set up, if it is an outstanding number of documents (appx 20 or more) or takes a great amount of time to set up, then we may have to charge an hourly rate for that specific set up.  It is not a normal thing but need to let it be known.  I would let you know before we would start - no surprises. 

If you are wanting extra recognition besides what is stated to the right, there will be an extra fee associated with it.  


A $15 yearly Domain Name Fee will be applied each year. 
(unless you already own it)

Your Success Matters to PinkSuccess

Shawn Martin



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