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Everyone is on SOCIAL MEDIA, so why not keep them engaged and connected to YOU!

PinkSuccess is here to help take “social media” off your list and give you more time in the field, doing what you do best!  Losing hours to surfing and coming up with the perfect words takes precious time away from your IPA’s.  Plus, we know how to maximize social media to help you communicate and grow your business.  I have put tons of research into Social Media and am proud to say that we offer an outstanding product for a price compared to none.

PinkSuccess will:

  • post to Facebook and Instagram

  • create and research quality posts about products, promotions, educational tools, videos, how-to's and inspiration from top directors

  • communicate on a consistent basis and create more visibility and loyalty to YOU

  • Celebrate Achievements

UNIT - $15/month (Bronze Package)

  • 4-6 weekly posts to unit group

  • Messages look like they are being posted by YOU

  • Consistent quality posts that encourage your consultants to respond

  • Posts company information, educational and business tips, product knowledge and scripts to help consultants build their businesses 

  • No recognition is included in this package

We do offer a package that include unit recognition, please see below.

CUSTOMER - $20/month

  • 3-4 weekly posts to customer group and/ or page

  • Messages look like they are being posted by YOU

  • Consistent quality posts that engage your customers

  • Posts include New product launches, product knowledge, fun booking promotions, how to's, trivia questions, seasonal booking and selling specials and many other great posts

  • Birthday Special - 20% off during their birthday month

  • Sale posts only consist of drawings or discounts/ gifts with purchases, avoiding giving too much away 

We will log into your Facebook account and connect you to our platform called SocialPilot.  We will be logging in from Georgia and Indiana, just so you know because FB may become "suspicious."  ​

No bundles packages are offered.

Sample Posts Below

Click picture for full size.

Director Pricing for Unit Closed FB Group Maintenance.

FB Package Consultant Feb 2020.png

Director and Consultant Pricing for Customer FB Page and Group Maintenance.

Your Page and Group will receive the same posts.  Your business page is allowed to have sales and events posted on it like your group.

FB Package Customer Feb 2020.png
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