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How to:
Send a Voice Message via PinkTel on Mobile

When you sign into PinkTel, your home screen will have three lines in the upper left corner for the menu.

Tap on that and choose "Advanced".

pinktel home screen.jpeg
pinktel menu options.jpeg

Then choose "Voicemail Record"

voicemail record.jpeg

Then on the next page tap on CLICK HERE (yours will look a little different than my screenshot if you haven't set this up yet):

click here.jpeg

And then type YOUR cell phone number in– not your texting number, your normal cell phone number. And then click Update. And then click Save Preferences.

cell number.jpeg

THEN: Call your texting number from your normal cell phone.

You will hear a beep, and then you can record a voice message!


Then, in PinkTel, hit the Refresh button.


And you'll see it pop up at the bottom:

voice message popped up.jpeg

Then go back to the Menu in the upper left corner, click on Campaigns, and Create Campaign:

create campaign.jpeg

(This is also your home screen for next time) And tap on the little microphone for "Saved Voicemails"

saved voicemails.PNG

And your list of saved voicemails will pop up.

Then SWIPE to SCROLL OVER to the right and tap on the pink icon under "Use"

saved vm list.jpeg
scroll over.jpeg

And then a link auto-populates into the message box:

fill in the message.jpeg

And then you can send it like normal, or add more words to the message, add a picture, save it as a template, or whatever you'd like to do.

Don't forget to add a campaign name above the message box as well.

Have fun sending Voice Messages with PinkTel!

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