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Below are some main points about our texting service.

Prices do not include the $22 you pay separetly to PinkSuccess to send your texts.


$39 a month for 1000 credits (each text is 1 credit if under 160 characters) 

     - 160 characters (no image) = 1 credit

     - 300 characters + image = 2 credits

     - 301-450 characters + image = 3 credits

     - 451-600 characters + image = 4 credits

Monthly credits do not roll over.

For your initial set up of PinkTel, you will be charged an extra $10 that will deposit 1000 credits into your "ANYTIME" account.  This is to guarantee that scheduled messages will be sent if you go over your allotted monthly credits of 1000.

If your total monthly credits (between monthly and anytime) go below 1000, you will be automatically charged $10 and receive 1000 credits.  Again, this is to make sure any texts we schedule will be delivered, allowing you to send out texts, also.  

Most directors do not go over 1000 credits per month, but if you do, you can DOUBLE your plan for $10 - so you can get 1000 more credits for $10 and they roll over if you do not use them.


If you find that you consistently use more credits, you have the option to upgrade to the following:
6,000 Credits - $59 

10,000 Credits - $79



We send the following texts for you:

  • Consultant Status

  • Consultant Birthday

  • Customer Birthday

  • Thank you for your order

  • On-target Jewelry

  • On-target Star

  • New Consultant Series (keyword generated)

  • News Blast (2x month)



Your Unit List, MyCustomers and Consultant Status Lists are updated 2 times a month to PinkTel.  If you would like us to update more often, please let us know.

ACCESS TO MY PRE-DESIGNED TEMPLATES -words & images are created for you, and you can use as is or edit them.


  • Customer Newsletter

  • Customer Special

  • On-Target Company Challenges

  • Look Books Arriving

  • ​PCP Deadlines​

  • Drip Campaigns such as 2+2+2 for customers, Customer Follow-Up, Bookings

  • Consultant and Customer Wishes


CALL FORWARDING (must set up/ we can assist)



Below is a link to Short Training Videos to help you become familiar with the PinkTel and we are always here if you need help.

I often hear that our platform is simple to navigate.

We look forward to helping you work Smart, Not Hard!

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