Here are some main points about our texting service:


$39 a month for 1000 credits (each text is 1 credit if under 160 characters) 

    - 160 characters = 1 credit

    - 161-300 characters + image = 2 credits

     -301-450 characters + image = 3 credits

     -451-600 characters + image = 4 credits

Monthly credits do not roll over.

Most directors do not go over 1000 but if you do, you can DOUBLE your plan for $10 -
so you can get 1000 more credits for $10 and they roll over if you do not use them.



Your Unit List, MyCustomers and Consultant Status Lists are updated each night in Betwext.

ACCESS TO  MY PRE-DESIGNED TEMPLATES -the words & images are created for you


  • Consultant Status

  • On-Target You Hold the Key Challenge

  • Thank you for your Order

  • ​PCP Deadlines​

  • New Consultants - when they text an assigned KEYWORD they receive   
                      * their first text immediately
                      * day 2 they receive a link to your facebook group to JOIN - no having

                                    to hunt them down or they try to find you
                         * more drip campaigns are sent within the month

  • Drip Campaigns such as 2+2+2 for customers, Customer Follow-Up, Bookings

  • Consultant and Customer Wishes





We have Short Training Videos available to help you become familiar with the platform and then a 1 on 1 training session.

I often hear that our platform is simple to navigate.

We look forward to helping you work Smart, Not Hard!

DIY - Do it Yourself

You can send messages using our
pre-designed editable templates for your consultants and customers, all from a
user-friendly platform. 



PinkSuccess Assistance

We can send the following messages for you.  Plus you can send additional messages using our pre-designed templates.


 + Assistance


  • Consultant Status - A3, T1, T6 & T7

  • Consultant Birthday - sent day of

  • Customer Birthday - sent day of

  • Consultant Anniversary - sent day of

  • Thank you for your order to unit

  • On-target Star

  • New Consultant Series - Keyword generated

  • Monday Blast - first and last Mondays... which include: 

PCP Enrollment Reminder

New Product Launch Announcements

New Product Business Tips

STAR dates and prizes

Company Promos and Prizes

Seasonal Ideas and Business Tips

Selling and Marketing Tips

Upcoming Company Events and Importance

Important Company Dates and Deadlines 

$59/ month