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Exciting news... pricing has went DOWN!  The base fee remains the same, $39 a month from Betwext, but now you get more for your money!

Please see below the $20 Package and what it includes, along with the additional options.

Please complete the form below so we can get you started right away on the new program.  PLEASE watch the video first if you have questions.  After watching, if you still have questions or are unsure of something, feel free to email me at and we can walk you through it. 

Most of you will be receiving additional services and your cost will go down.  But I do not want to duplicate anything between our office and yours, so I need you to complete this form.  Thank you in advance for your help!


PinkSuccess Assistance

We can send the following messages for you.  Plus you can send additional messages using our pre-designed templates.


 + Assistance


  • Consultant Status - A3, T1, T6 & T7

  • Consultant Birthday - sent day of

  • Customer Birthday - sent day of (includes 20% discount - only discount option)

  • Thank you for your order to unit ($225+)

  • On-target Star

  • New Consultant Series - Set up & Keyword generated by new consultant

  • Monday Blast - first and last Mondays... which include: 

PCP Enrollment Reminder

New Product Launch Announcements

New Product Business Tips

STAR dates and prizes

Company Promos and Prizes

Seasonal Ideas and Business Tips

Selling and Marketing Tips

Upcoming Company Events and Importance

Important Company Dates and Deadlines 

$59/ month 

Additional Options:

A3 Month End - $5

Newsletter Link - $3

Monthly Promos - $4

Customer Birthday - $5
    (beginning of month with 20% discount)

Consultant Anniversary - $5 (beginning of month)

New Consultant texts - $16
   (we look 1 time a week and will send the series
    instead of you asking them to text keyword to start
    the series)

Consultant Status Report - $3
   (report with Cons name and # emailed to you, after
    cons. status texts are sent)

Update PCP list quarterly - $5

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