PinkSuccess has been created in order to help Mary Kay Directors grow their units.  We are in your office, while you are in the field enriching women's lives.  We offer a variety of communication and marketing tools designed to focus on your team members and their dreams! 


We keep your unit in the "KNOW" with product updates and company promotions.  We celebrate their successes with tons of recognition and offer great simple business ideas.  

A little about the PinkSuccess Girls

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I began my business journey in October of 2006.  I am a former director of 6 years and loved every minute of it.  However, I loved the "office" part of it too, and God had different plans for me and my family.  My husband, Bob, and I have been married 25 years with 3 wonderful children; Isaac, Bella and Jamin.  Our youngest has Cystic Fibrosis which requires daily medical attention from me and we were told would have yearly hospital stays, but thankful to God, he has not had to be in the hospital for years.  This business has allowed me to be with my children and do the necessary things to keep him healthy. 

I love being creative and helping directors pin point what they are needing for themselves and for their units.  I have my hands in a little of everything and the line of communication is mainly with me or Anne.  You can always pick up the phone and talk with us.  I have been VERY fortunate to have great girls to help with this business, if it were not for them, we would not be thriving like we are.  I am so honored to work with these girls as part of the PinkSuccess Crew!

Meet the PinkSuccess Crew:


Christy and I have been friends for a LONG time.  She began working with me in 2008. Her focus is on the postcards, ecards and texts and she doesn't miss a beat. 

Anne Signs Nov 21.2.jpeg

Anne, my sister-in-law, is the girl to talk to, she will crack you up.  She is our Customer Relations gal, plus she helps filter emails, is one of our Newsletter designers and does MANY other tasks.  Anne has been with PinkSuccess since 2013.

Leah Sukrachan Professional Nov 21.jpg

Leah has been with the crew since 2020 and is incredibly talented with her words, showing them off on the social media posts.  Plus, she helps with SM recognition. 

Amanda has been with the crew since 2020 and is great with designing newsletters and pays attention to details.  She also helps behind the scenes with texting.

Cheryl has been with PinkSuccess since 2011.  She is very detailed, which is why she does such a great job with newsletters and websites.

Rebecca Newman 2021.2.jpg

Rebecca shows off her ability in her designs and has been our graphic designer since 2015.  She creates our social media posts and flyers. 

April is one of our dedicated Newsletter designers who takes pride in her work.  She has been part of PinkSuccess since 2020.

Jennifer Pieper.jpeg

Jen helps with projects and various tasks.  She is very detailed and great with keeping things aligned and organized.  She started with the crew in 2021.

PinkSuccess would not be thriving like it is today if it were not for these wonderful girls! They help things run smoothly, work very efficiently and take pride in their work. 


If you are looking for help managing your office, unit recognition and growing your business, then PinkSuccess is here to help!


I would love to talk with you.  Please click the button below to provide your information and I will get back to you within 24 business hours!