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PinkSuccess is here to keep you connected!

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Set up a FULLY AUTOMATED COUPON CLUB with Click Clique! That's right, we said fully automated! Our set-it-and-forget-it system lets you build engagement and customer loyalty while focusing on team building. We handle it all so you don't have to— from the sharing video and survey, to monthly emails with coupons and product recommendations.

Integrate your Coupon Club with Social Suite (included with Click Clique!) to power up your team building and customer base in your virtual parties.

Click Clique also gives you access to all of our consultant and customer email templates, so you stay connected and your customers stay engaged.

$45 per month

Click Clique includes:

  • Coupon Club

  • Social Suite

  • Email Templates

$6 per month

Are you taking full advantage of virtual FB parties? Optimize your time by scheduling your FB parties with Social Suite!


The best part? You get access to our customizable pre-made FB parties! That's right, we have created a variety of party templates already written out and paired with our famous graphics in a variety of themes!

New parties drop monthly so you can keep your parties fresh as you simply schedule them into your customer groups!

Additional $10/month

Super-charge your Unit Website!

Boost unit engagement and turn your unit website into an app with Push Notifications! Notifications will pop up on your consultants' phones when you have news or updates.

This drives traffic to your site, making it easy for your consultants to gain the full benefit of your site resources, and the additional touch point encourages engagement from your full unit. 

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push notification example 2.png

$10 per month

Want to celebrate your achievers, but don't have the time to create fun, on-trend images? Want to post the graphics yourself instead of having us do it for you?

This package is for YOU! 


Our famous graphics are available as customizable individual recognition templates for you to simply drop in names and photos using a FREE Canva account!

PinkSuccess is here to take Social Media off your to-do list, so you have MORE TIME in the field, Enriching Women's Lives. No more surfing and losing precious time— take this time to play with your family and work. Plus, we know how to maximize Social Media to help you communicate and grow your business.

We even have free optional posts for special customer promos and booking incentives!

UNIT GROUP: $15/50 per month
CUSTOMER GROUP: $20 per month

Individual Social Media Recognition 

When you have Social Media with us, you can take advantage of our Individual Recognition posts! for social media Celebrate your consultants by simply telling us their name and what they are being recognized for and we will post beautifully designed recognition straight into your unit FB group for you!

We can even post some recognition for you automatically, including birthdays, anniversaries, and Great Start!