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Wanting to celebrate your achievers . . . but do not have the time or skill to create fun and on trend imgages?  This  package is for YOU, it provides posts that you can simply drop in photos and edit wording  in CANVA.

This package is designed to designed to:

  • help you celebrate your team with fun, on trend looks

  • announce upcoming events 

Most graphics are available in a FREE Canva account and are customizable.  Others are available with the paid CANVA subscription.  We want our images to look their BEST and at times we must use the paid plan to create the post/ event flyer in order to use the best graphics. 

PinkSuccess was founded in order to help directors work less in their office and more out in the field, but with so many new changes to conducting business we are offering a variety of ways to keep you in front of your customers and team.

We do offer to post directly to your social media platforms, but the following reasons may be why you want to post yourself vs us posting for you:

  • Posting organically (yourself) reaches more people

  • You are able to TAG people in a post - which then shows up in their feed

  • You can add your Mary Kay website to your posts


We do suggest you keep to similar wording that we offer to help keep you from getting your social media account suspended.  It is important to not be overly aggressive with wording and not use dollar amounts, plus many other tricks we have learned along the way.

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