As your Virtual Assistant, it is our job to keep you out of your office, focusing on IPA's and Changing Lives!  If you are wanting to GROW your business, having an assistant is a key factor.  If you choose PinkSuccess, you will have the privilege of not:

  • losing time and energy training someone

  • training someone and then they quit

  • not asking for more hours

  • having to move

We are here to help you focus on your MK Career and not having to worry about office work, plus we help provide a professional look to your business. 


We use some postcards from Pink Printing and our own.  

Delegate any of the following items to us:

  • Consultant Status postcards/ eCards

              ~includes A3, T1, T-12, T13 and Former (Links to Landing Page with Dates, Look                     Book, New Product pictures and Videos with eCards)

  • Consultant Order Thank You postcards/ eCards

  • New Consultant Postcard Series (8 weeks)

  • Consultant Birthday and Anniversary postcards/ eCards

  • Customer Birthday postcards/ e/Cards

  • Star postcards/ eCards

             ~ sent 3 times within a quarter

  • Personalized Monthly Pre-Made Unit Promotions

  • 2x's Month Unit Email Blasts

             ~includes inspiration, booking ideas, promos, upcoming events, etc.

You are charged separately for each stamp.

You will have a SMALL monthly supply fee between $3-$7.


Postcards are printed on Glossy postcard stock, color on front side and gray scale on the back, with a very professional and fun look.


We do not create flyers in house, but refer everyone to Rebecca Newman at  She is a great designer and we have worked together for many years.  

Your Success Matters to PinkSuccess

Shawn Martin


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